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Business English Training

Business English training
Fine tune your Business English or let us create a memorable incentive for your company

Language Holiday

Sergio at St Andrews Cathedral
An unforgettable experience of Scotland; get to know the language, local culture, golf and whisky

Intensive English

Discover more about the English language. Our creative and engaging courses are designed using advanced training techniques so you gain the maximum benefits.

English & Golf

St Andrews and golf are forever linked together worldwide and ‘English at St Andrews’ provides you with the opportunity to fulfil your lifetime ambition to play where it all began.

English & Culture

Experiencing the English language in an English speaking country to enhance your knowledge and build your confidence.

English & Whisky

'Experience Whisky’ as part of your English language training course with a programme designed unique to you, to combine your perfect blend of English and Whisky experiences.

A first class English Training Experience

English at St Andrews provides unique residential English courses designed for business professionals who would like to enjoy a high quality intensive English learning experience in the UK. 

Courses take place in and around the historic town of St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland. St Andrews is world-renowned as being the ‘home of golf’ and was the site of Scotland's first university. This stunning location, renowned for its natural beauty and stunning architecture, offers students a truly first-class experience.

Full-immersion intensive English courses are customized, meeting the specific needs and interests of students. Teaching takes place in both classroom and off-site learning environments.

Business English and General English classes can be combined with a range of leisure experiences: exploring Scottish culture, playing golf or visiting single malt whisky distilleries.

These courses are residential: accommodation options range from B and B to 5 star level in and around St Andrews.

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